A Robust 5  day learning option for families looking for an alternative to a traditional school

We at SOCHH (South OC Hybrid Homeschool) have been listening to our community over the last few years. And there is a real need amongst parents for a full time 5 day a week program that is different then what the public and private school programs offer in our area. 

We undertstand that the term Homeschooling can be very intimidating to families, and can feel like a heavier amount of responsibility then a traditional program. But via a homeschooling educational learning center or at home on your own are the only ways to really change and challenge the educational system that is currently available. 

Through our program which is a combination of all 3 of our programs together and overseen by our Director of Students. Your student will engage in an indepth, highly individualized program that is designed to meet their academic needs, engage them in hands on enrichment and work with them on their executive function. to increase memory, recall, processing. 

Our program begins on August 16 with welcome week, 

Aug  21, 2024 -May 30, 2025

SOCHH FULL  - $12,450

Mondays 9-1 Arts and Innovations

Tuesday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE

Wednesday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE

Thursday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE

Friday 9-1 LEAPS 

SOCHH FULL + Extended Care- $14,462 

Mondays 9-1 Arts and Innovations EC 1-2:30

Tuesday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE EC 2:30-4

Wednesday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE EC 2:30-4

Thursday 9-2:30 SOCHH CORE EC 2:30-4

Friday 9-1 LEAPS  no EC available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a private school? No, we are a homeschool learning center, all students are registered through the state as Home Educated either through a non classroom based charter, or filing paperwork with the state. We can walk you through this process

Why is this not a private school? As a private school we would have to have strict enforcement of academic concepts using common core. And while our program uses the common core standards as a guide, academic differentiation is at the heart of what our program does. Meeting students where they are at academically regardless of their age or grade. This allows us the greatest flexibility in working with students to instill in them academic confidence and fill in academic gaps or create advancement that we could not do if we were restricted to a check list and deadlines created by the CDE. 

Is this a religious program? No our program is secular, although we rent our space at a chuch campus

Where are you located? In Mission Viejo,Ca 

What grades are taught? SOCHH FULL is for 1st- 8th grade families, Kinders are accepted on a case by case basis. Please email for more information

Are all academics taught? All of ELA, Math and Social Studies is taught during SOCHH CORE, and Science is taugth via STEAM and hands on experiences in the Monday Arts and INnovations class

What if I do not want to do SOCHH FULL? If you are looking for a shorter program with less days please see our program options here 

Will my student have homework? Our SOCHH CORE program does have a homework component to it, and we aim to complete that during our Friday program. There may be at times work or projects that need to be completed at home. 

Do you teach CRT? Do you teach LGBTQIA curriculum? SEL Curriculum?  Over the last 12 months this has been the NUMBER 1 question families have asked us so we want to put it out there for you to decide if SOCHH will be a fit for you before you get too far in the process. We closely align with the Common Core Standards and it is our goal to create critical thinkers who are prepared for life outside the walls of SOCHH. Our curriculum and lesson plans do not explicitly teach on topics such as gender identity, critical race theory, tenants of social psychology, or political agendas—as that is not a teaching point within the standards. That being said, SOCHH does not shy away from questions that may arise as a result of information that is presented within the learning process. SOCHH does not shy away from questions that may arise as a result of information that is presented within the learning process. We support the LGBTQ+ community and have families that are among that community. We support the inclusion of students of all backgrounds and identities. We support the idea that the faults in the world do not rest on the shoulders of our students, but that as compassionate human beings, we each have a responsibility to study multiple perspectives. To read more on SOCHH’s Diversity/Inclusion stance, CLICK HERE.

My student has an IEP or a learning or behavioral challenge. Can you help?

An IEP is a public school document, so while SOCHH does not create or execute an IEP, we are happy to review and consider students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities on a case by case basis. Please note: we do not have a SPED, STS, or SAI department set up to handle services or accommodations. We do not have one on one aides so your child must be able to sit in a classroom in a cooperative manner, and work independently and in groups.

What is the Friday LEAPS program? Learning, Enrichment, Academic Progress, Social Skills

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I am ready to enroll, or take the next steps...

Great! We would love to know more about you and your family. At this point you have 2 options. You can come in and tour our space, or your can do a tour and an audit day together. 

You may enroll here

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